Bearspaw First Nation Announcement on Transparency and Accountability

Chief Darcy Dixon stated the Bearspaw First Nation fully respects the rights of our membership to receive annual audited financial statements and other financial information. The First Nations Financial Transparency Act is just another tool created without First Nation consent by Canada for the control and convenience of Canada in addressing its own liabilities. Transparency and accountability are important to any kind of government, including First Nations”.

The Bearspaw First Nation is currently fully compliant with all the requirements for the disclosure of financial information to Bearspaw Members.

Stoney Tribal Administration (an administrative body only) has provided Stoney members who have started legal proceedings with financial information from 2018 to 2022. The Bearspaw First Nation recently shared its own financial and other information (including audited financial statements) with its members at open community meetings held on July 3rd at Eden Valley Reserve and July 5th 2023 at Morley Reserve as it does annually. The meetings were well attended with a question-and-answer period. Bearspaw First Nation posted on its website, a comprehensive Bearspaw First Nation Financial Presentation, audited financial statements and financial schedules for 2019-2022.

The Bearspaw First Nation signed Treaty 7 (by Chief Jacob Bearspaw in 1877) and is independent and autonomous from the Chiniki and Goodstoney First Nations, who also are independent signatories to Treaty 7. In this regard, Bearspaw First Nation will be publishing its own audited financial statements for year end March 31, 2024, separate and apart from the other two Stoney-Nakoda Nations through Stoney Tribal Administration.

Bearspaw First Nation nearly two years ago was able to gain and secure the independent administration and management of all its own capital trust funds ($58 million) from Canada through the Ozija Thiha Legacy Trust and has recently seen significant economic growth in its various businesses and economic interests, even with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bearspaw First Nation leadership has been proactive with its membership in sharing its audited financial statements regarding the administration of programs and services and also the financial position of its many successful businesses.

Bearspaw First Nation, respects the independence and autonomy of the Goodstoney and Chiniki First Nations and is not involved in or in a position to disclose or withhold audited or other financial information relating to their administration.

Bearspaw First Nation continues with its practice of transparency, accountability and full disclosure of financial information to its members.

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